how to measure a glass balcony

Our Blinds have 4 different installing methods: inside the sill, on the glass wing, inside the frame and on the wall. 

For Measures  take the width measurement from "glass to glass". Take the drop measurement from "profile to profile."

To install the blinds inside the sill you should measure the width and length of the frame. The blind width is obtained by subtracting 2mm from the left and right of the frame width. Blind drop is determined according to the frame length.

Glass wing is the installing method we recommend because the measurement taken on the glass wing is more accurate. 

In the inside the frame method the blind is placed at the end of the sill. For the width of the blind, measurements are taken from the sill to the sill.

In the installation of blinds to the wall, measurements are taken from the end of the window and at the wall, that is, from a certain distance of the window, and mounted on the wall.

how to measure a glass balcony